Becoming the Woman God Wants You To Be

Becoming the Woman God Wants You To Be

Heroes are a good thing. We all have heroes/heroines, don’t we?

In fact, I have a few very special heroines who have labored long and faithful for our Lord. These ladies have inspired me to be a godly mother, a faithful wife, and a steadfast child of the King. I love these women, and at times in my Christian walk I have found myself modeling my life to imitate theirs. In my mind, I thought perhaps if I act just like them I will be as godly or as spiritual.

Have you ever done that?

Yet, God in His great grace brought me to realize that even though these women are fine examples of what God wants for His daughters… they aren’t me.

Our dear Heavenly Father has a special, individual, and definite plan for each of His children, and I am no different. You and I will get nowhere mimicking another Christian.

In reality, we may even find ourselves in the ditch of idolatry by valuing others more highly than God. I Cor. 10:14  

How can God accomplish His purpose in our lives when we have our eyes on a person instead of on Him?

God loves each of us immensely. Really, there are no words that can adequately express this love…

Here are 3 reasons why… we need to awaken to this truth and become the woman God wants us to be.

  • Created in His image. Gen. 1:26-31 The only being we are ever to impersonate is Christ. We were created in God’s image, yet with God designed individualities.
  • Created for His glory. Psalm 29:2, Eph. 1:12 We were created not for our own pleasure, but for His glory. Following someone we admire never fulfills that purpose.  Our lives should be a living testament of His grace and glory.
  • Created for His Purpose Rom. 8:28, Eph. 1:9 Each of us have been created for a specific Divine purpose. That purpose is not to mimic someone else’s calling, convictions, or ministry; but to seek God’s perfect plan for our lives. We have been created on purpose for HIS purpose!

Many times we sell ourselves (and God) short. We think that there is no way that God could use us as we are.  We think we just HAVE to be like so and so. We think -they are so respected and revered for their spiritual life…

God desires to use the person He made you to be.

God wants you… not you trying to be someone else. He made you and me with strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes and He KNOWS exactly how He can use us to get glory to His name.

The key really is simple.

Submit yourself, forsake your will, wave the white flag of surrender to what YOU think He wants and let God direct your paths…

…what you find there in that place will be beyond all that you could ever imagine!


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