Alan Gaddy

Alan Gaddy

pastor alan gaddy

 Pastor Alan Gaddy has been an integral part of the eldership and teaching ministry as associate pastor of Peachtree Baptist Church since 1997. Pastor Alan is a very able expositor of God’s Word.


Pastor Alan has a unique testimony. God brought him to our Christian school as a lost teenager and used the ministry there to draw him. Through a difficult time and loss of his father, God saved Pastor Alan, called him to preach, and he answered that call by attending Georgia Baptist College. Later, he graduated from Pensacola Christian College having earned a Master of Science in Educational Administration.

Pastor Alan’s Burden

Pastor Alan has a heart for Peachtree Baptist Church and our local community. He leads many of our community outreach ministries and desires to reach our “Jerusalem” (our neighbors and community) with God’s Word.

Pastor Gaddy is married to Jamie and they have six children, several children in law, and grandchildren. Pastor Alan, Jamie, and their family are a great blessing to Peachtree Baptist Church.

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