Classes at Georgia Baptist College

Classes at Georgia Baptist College

Georgia Baptist College and Theological Seminary offer semester based courses beginning each fall during the last week of August. Each course is offered during evening classes to make it possible for students to work and attend Bible classes.

If you are interested in more information you can call our school office at 770-599-6888.

Why Consider Georgia Baptist College?

     First.  GBC teaches the Bible as its primary textbook.  All our programs include a Bible major.  We believe the Word of God is our only authority for faith and practice.  Our biblical warrant for existence is 2 Timothy 2:2.

      Second.  GBC is a Baptist school.  We stand unashamedly for the Historical Baptist Distinctives.  We don’t believe we are the only ones going to Heaven, or that we are all we should be, but we believe Baptist doctrine is Bible doctrine, and we seek to be as scriptural as possible in every thing by the grace of God and the aid of the Holy Spirit.

     Third.  GBC stands for the Doctrines of Grace, which we believe constitute the God-centered gospel.  We take the historical Baptist position on grace found in the Old London and Philadelphia Baptist confessions of faith.

     Fourth.  GBC stands for the King James Bible and the Ecclesiastical/Traditional Hebrew and Greek texts from which it was translated.  Most evangelicals promote the critical/eclectic text that has produced the modern translations.  We are not Ruckmanites.  We don’t believe the KJV was re-inspired in English.  We believe the original autographs (autographa) were inspired, but so were the apographa, the copies of the autographa.  Just as the priesthood preserved the OT text, so the NT priesthood, the Church, has preserved the NT text through history.  We teach Hebrew and Greek at GBC that the student may learn biblical exegesis.  What God has said is the most important!

     Fifth.  GBC is Dispensational Premillennial in its eschatology.  In connection with this we make mention that GBC emphasizes a well-rounded sound theology for the student to meet the needs of today’s churches.  Five semesters of theology are required for the pastoral studies major.  Above all, including theology, is the supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ!  All Bible doctrine is to lead us to worship Him!

     Sixth.  GBC is under the authority of the local church.  Students study under the oversight of Peachtree Baptist Church (PBC) and have this local church as a laboratory in which to learn and develop in a practical way.

     Seventh.  In connection with the above at PBC and GBC the student will be under an emphasis on prayer, revival, the filling of the Holy Spirit, holy living, evangelism, and missions, as well as a curriculum strong in theology and Bible.  Along with all this we seek to maintain a high standard of academics and scholarship, so that the student need not ever be ashamed of his degree from GBC.

     We realize that any one of the above reasons may cause many to reject our school.  This is where we stand.  We believe there are many pastors and churches out there that stand for the same things and that there are many prospective students that want what we have to offer.  Will you prayerfully consider GBC for support and preparation for the Lord’s work?  Brethren, pray for us!