Robert Lescelius

Robert Lescelius

robert lescelius

Dr. Robert H. Lescelius is a well-equipped and seasoned preacher and teacher of the Word of God. He is affectionately referred to as “Doc.”


He has been used in church planting and pastoring for most of his career in ministry. For nine years he served on the World Baptist Fellowship Missions Committee and ministered in Mexico, several South American countries, and in Scotland. Since co-founding the Maranatha Youth Ranch and Bible Conference in Worthington, Pennsylvania in 1965, he has served as trustee additionally from 1975 to the present, he has served as its director.

Dr. Lescelius’ Burden

His gifts as teacher have been beneficial to students in Ohio at Howland Bible Institute and Massillon Baptist College. Since 1983, Dr. Lescelius has been the Vice President and a professor at Georgia Baptist College and Seminary in Senoia, Georgia and holds five earned degrees, which include three doctorates in ministry, theology and philosophy.

Besides editing Grace Gazette, he has authored various articles published in leading periodicals and such books as The Spirit Directed Life, and Lordship Salvation: Some Crucial Questions and Answers.

Dr. Lescelius has served Peachtree Baptist Church as associate pastor since August of 1983.

Associate Pastor
Alan Gaddy
Senior Pastor
David Dickerson